When God shows up for "Breakfast at Tiffany's"


I’ve been asked many times, “how does God speak to you?” This is a question I hope everyone asks at some point in life.

The answer?

God speaks many ways.

In my life, the Lord has most often spoke to me through the Bible and His Holy Spirit bringing passages to life.


Occasionally I have dreams. Although that’s not always been the case for me. But often even those come back to the Word for their clarity and purpose.

Sometimes people encourage me and affirm things I’ve been praying for— or a pastor teaches on something that feels like it was just for me. You know what I mean?

All of these are expressions of how God speaks — although nowhere near an exhaustive list.

God is God and He can speak however He wants to.

Relative to this post, one way the Lord frequently speaks to me is through something natural and ordinary going on around me that’s illustrating something the He is trying to show me. Henry Blackaby would call this, “God speaking through circumstances.

This happened over the weekend at a Chamber of Commerce Banquet which was adorably themed, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

My husband almost wore a denim jacket and jeans because he thought the theme was “Breakfast Club,” but we quickly averted that first-world crisis.

Picture all the turquoise. All the pearls. All the gloves, rhinestones, buns, French twists and black party dresses. There was even an amazing breakfast buffet complete with waffles and chicken. It was adorable.

Throughout the evening I would notice a few women wearing tiny crowns on their heads, as part of their attire. I was SO impressed at their themed wardrobe participation. It was 30 degrees outside so my only fashion forethought was being warm while walking from car to venue.

And then I would see other women, more women, new women, also with crowns. But these women had not been wearing one earlier in the evening. Something had changed— they went from being around something to being part of something — simply by this sparkly little addition.

Finally, I realized there were tiny tiaras as part of the table centerpieces throughout the room. They were like decorative favors.

The crowns were for anyone.

The crowns were for anyone who could see them.

The crowns were for anyone willing to receive a beautiful gift from a creative planner and gracious host.

The crowns were for anyone willing to adorn themselves with beauty.

The crowns were for anyone willing to be childlike and embrace the opportunity to participate in what was going on.

Some, like me, just hadn’t noticed the crowns that were right in front of their eyes. Precious little crowns central to the frenzy of activity going on around them, available to anyone interested, but at large, unrealized.

So what does this have to do with the Lord speaking? When I see something and it brings the Bible to life— it is a way the Lord speaks. God knows I am a people watcher, so He meets me where I am. I would propose God also speaks frequently to you in ways that complement the way He has wired you — but we will do a whole blog and podcast on that at a later time. This one is able those cute little crowns.

The Bible has much to say about “crowns.” It speaks of a crown of beauty, splendor, glory, life and I am sure the list goes on.

But for this evening, Ps 103:2-5 came to mind and it says in part, “(The Lord) CROWNS us with steadfast love and mercy.”

So the Lord spoke to my heart through this event:

His steadfast love and mercy are available to all yet unrealized by many— but oh how your posture changes and you walk taller and with grander purpose knowing that you’re crowned in His love. Oh how that crown of His steadfast love shapes identity, enhances beauty, and marks those who bear it with something others see even from far off. It’s exquisite, unearned and cannot be replicated. Yet because of Jesus, it’s readily available to all who would just accept it.

This was and is a reminder to me not to assume that people know this love is available. 


And that it’s okay to point out what’s obvious. I would rather someone be annoyed I told them God’s steadfast love was available to them, than risk them living their whole life without knowing it.

Romans says, “how can they believe unless they’ve heard and how can they hear unless someone tells them?”

This is me telling you:

Jesus loves you. Yes, YOU. He forgives your iniquity; He heals your diseases; He redeems you from the pit; He CROWNS you with steadfast love and mercy. (See Ps. 103)

Also this reality— You (I) have to know what’s available to you (me) before you’ll be able to show it to anyone else.

When I finally realized what was going on, I took home a crown from a nearby table for my little girl — she loved it

I pray she knows she is wearing a crown of steadfast love and mercy all the days of her life — in Jesus name.

You too, friend. You too.

Paige Scott