Peace: a poem by Antonette.

“I set my mind on Jesus
And perfect peace floods in 
His presence like still waters
And green pastures I lie in
In my coming and my going
I match Him breath for breath
He meets me in life’s rhythms
And there He teaches me to rest
I tune my heart to hear Him
To learn the Father’s song
I listen at His feet
Right there where I belong
Like a child to Father’s lap
He calls me and I run
I come to the place 
Where every battle’s won
But then 
There are times it seems the earth is shaking
And the waters turn to storms
When every refuge begins breaking
And my heart grows tired and worn
When anxiety sets mountains where pastures used to be
When everything within me wants to hide, to quit, to flee
When the sound of Father’s “yes”
Meets the noise of Satan’s “no”
When the carpet is pulled from beneath me
And fear’s report begins to grow
I let go
And I stand on the one thing that I know
That the Prince of Peace is with me
And His glory will be shown 
Leaning not to my understanding
But in all my ways acknowledging Him
A warrior rises within me
Takes a stand and presses in
Into a peace that surpasses
What man can calculate
A peace that wages war
With the enemies of my fate
A peace that agrees
With every promise that He speaks
A peace that casts a vision
Of the future that He sees
There I exalt the truth above
Each exalted lie
I release a shout of praise 
As I stare my enemy in the eye
For my mind is set on Jesus
And His perfect peace floods in 
It’s in this seat of victory
That there’s no fight I cannot win”

Antonette Weatherly

About the author: Antonette is a wife, mother, worship leader, and blogger in Sherman, TX.

Content posted with permission of author. For more information on her visit

Paige Scott