Early Christmas Presence - Day 2

(Jesus — The Presence)

Early Christmas Presence

Text: Matthew 1,2; Luke 1,2

Jesus. The Promised King born in humble display.

Bringing life again from what was formless — the womb of a virgin.

He was light of the world arriving to a place of spiritual darkness,

numbness and void of His peace; crying out as a newborn,

and His voice sending the call that redemption’s plan had hit the ground.

Presence delivered.

Instead of breathing the breath of life into another, He inhaled first breaths of the air around Him— full of manure stench, filth and the evidence of a foul and fallen world.


There was no royal robe for Him — because He had left that in Heaven to be “swaddled” in the odds and ends of random cloths; cloths made from plants and animals He spoke into existence at the beginning of time.

Rather than laying the foundations of the world— this time He laid in a pile of straw.

The “all-consuming fire” now at the discretion of a campfire for physical warmth.

Rather than holding the creation of the world in His hands, He was held in the physical hands of His own creation— all the while understanding the betrayal that would ensue from this giving of Himself into the hearts and hands of humanity.

Born into less than desirable circumstances of conspiracy and captivity, and on the run from death and genocide, He spared no time in experiencing the suffering of humanity— produced from sin.

The very logistics of his birth painted a spiritual reality:

the world around Him was at full capacity without His Presence.

His Presence—

fully man but Holy God.

And His Holy Presence was met more often with rejection and resistance (even from birth!) than rejoicing and repentance.

His Presence evoked high emotion, enamored others, but ultimately elevated praise to the God Most High from those that recognized His Presence among them.

For His Presence was still the very presence of God in all marvel, all mystery and a manger.

In His Presence:

Generational promises were fulfilled.

Personal promises were manifested.

The natural became supernatural.

Grown men bowed down.

His Lordship was confessed.

Unlikely people were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Uneducated men spoke of Glorious things.

Women prophesied and praised.

Powerful kings trembled in fear, curiosity and wonder.

Nature testified of His arrival.

Angels testified of His peace.

The Word of God affirmed the details of His presence—God With Us— Emmanuel!!

Join us on the journey of remembering what His Presence did for those who were in the earliest part of His story on earth—the “Christmas story,” as we often refer to it.

And know that you also are invited into this very story, to experience the present of all presents — The Presence of Jesus Christ.


When did you first experience the Presence of God in your life?

Is your response to God working in your life ever, “I have no capacity for God”?

Most often is your response to Presence of the Lord rejection, resistance, repentance, or rejoicing?

How does it impact how you view Jesus when you realize he endured basic human suffering and circumstance his entire life?

Experiencing the Presence:

Jesus Christ went on to live a perfect life; He was persecuted, killed, buried and rose to new life from the grave— defeating sin, curse and death— and making a pathway of grace available to be in relationship with the Father for all eternity.

Jesus said, “repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.”

Repent of your sins — “Lord, I am so sorry that I have sinned against you and your word.”

Paul said— “Call on the name of the Lord to be saved — confess with your mouth and believe in your heart.”

Confess Jesus as Lord of your life— “Jesus you are Lord. Please be Lord of my life from this day forward. I believe in you with my heart, that you are Lord, that you died and rose from the grave and that I have new life in You.”

IF you prayed this for this first time,

please reach out to us at connect@entourageministries.com

so that we can follow up with you and encourage you.

Apostle’s Creed:

I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth;
and in Jesus Christ, His only Son Our Lord,
Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried.
He descended into Hell; the third day He rose again from the dead;
He ascended into Heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of God, the Father almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting.

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Paige Scott